Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Little Moments

Today I will start off with news about Dustin's dad.  Dustin's dad was chasing their pup around his shop today, tripped and gashed his head on one of the stores display cases.  9 stitches later he has returned home from the hospital with a new turban do atop his head.  C'mon parents, get it together!

Nothing big, new, or exciting to report tonight other than Dustin's dad's accident.  Mom thinks she may have hurt or even broken a rib from her past fall.  It gives her trouble whenever we lift her out of bed and from internal pressure when she gets sick.

I was able to convince Aunt Becky to at least try and enjoy a nap while I am here tonight and she is still asleep!  Success.

Mom and I are enjoyed flipping through a People magazine together.  We are both so sad to read that our favorite little reality star, Jen Arnold, is battling cancer as well.  She is a new mom of two adopted children.  Cancer sucks!

So it's just me and my mom tonight.  I cut her up a piece of pizza, into tiny pieces just as she requested.  When I asked her why she was not eating, she said she simply forgot.  I ended up resorting to "airplane" and "cho cho train" just to make her smile and eat a bit.  

She ended up getting sick afterwards.  It is hard to keep a smile on my face when I see her so frail, but I will not show her my weakness.  I will smile, hold her hand and rub her back through it all.  I will make her feel loved the way she showed me love through life's toughest and greatest moments.

So my friends, please enjoy all of the little moments with your loved ones :)

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  1. You are an angel and cancer sucks. Praying, praying, praying for you both. Please give your momma hugs for me.