Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Live a Balanced Life

Yesterday, I bought a copy of Real Simple magazine to read on my bus ride home.

The title immediately jumped out at me.  What does one actually consider to be a balanced life?  Surely, not everyone thinks the same.

Then I read this quote and it hit me because it applies to my life, right now.

Even though things are tough, one must keep moving.  Yes, I know it it easier to say then to do.  But then it got me thinking about things that I like to do and that I would consider living a balanced life . . .

1) Laugh and smile

2) Workout, run, walk, get moving!

Try a new workout!  (via Peanut Butter Fingers)
3) Be with family.

4) Go out with friends, enjoy happy hour or try a new local restaurant.

5) Co-host a fun girls night!

5) Eat healthy and trying new ingredients

7) Spend quality time with Dustin and do things together

8) Walking on my lunch break and enjoying Seattle hot spots

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  1. Love reading these!! A good reminder for me for some of the ones I should work on - working out more, trying new ingredients :)